Two birds, one stoner.

A special announcement for those of you celebrating 4/20 today: fundraising has begun for Miles's first SAG-AFTRA feature film, "By the Dashboard Light". In Miles's first non-union feature, he played an endearing stoner boyfriend. Now, he is delving deep into his soul to play an endearing stoner BEST friend.

Written by Sienna Golden Malik, directed by Joe Ronca, and produced by Keasbey Mattison Filmworks, "By the Dashboard Light" is a wonderful, witty comedy about a driving instructor having trouble getting his life in drive (Get it? Wit.). While only appearing briefly in the following trailer, Miles has some killer scenes throughout the film as Phil, the instructor's stoner best friend who works at the DMV. Phil enjoys taking purposefully awful driver's license photos. He is also very wise and potentially sexy.

Please check out the genuinely amazing trailer below or the fundraising page here and consider donating to support this crazy talented team. Or hit up your wealthier friends and relatives who might be more likely to.

Miles is proudly now SAG-AFTRA Eligible. As for his personal life -- he didn't inhale.