I drew a map of Canada...

Last year, Miles was invited to a filmmaking retreat in Dingwall, Nova Scotia, by his good friend and collaborator Ann Lupo. An amazing editor/director, Ann pulled together a group of strangers who quickly became close personally and professionally. Three short films were made over ten days, along with some smaller projects and a lot of skinny dipping, oyster picking, and mountain climbing.

Miles is thrilled to have been invited back for the second (now, annual) retreat, along with dear friends Luke Fontana (photographer) and Nadine Martinez (director of photography) who were part of the original crew. He is also happy to welcome former classmate/current friend Abigail Wahl (actor) to the retreat.

They leave the night of October 7th and will make their triumphant return on October 20th. Phone and internet will be in short supply, so please be patient.

Watch last year's screening party trailer below: