You got to bring Jim, James, Paul, and Tyrone.

(Jim Henson, James & Paul the Apostles, and...we'll get to Tyrone.) #baduizm

After years of fanboydom, Miles is finally getting his hands (and other parts) on Robert Askin's Hand to God at TheaterWorks Hartford. Directed by Tracy Brigden (2017 Connecticut Critics Circle nominee), this insanely dark comedy turns a Texan Christian puppet ministry upside-fuckin-down.

When Margery loses her husband to Whoppers, she turns to the church to guide her and her loner son Jason. When Jason's puppet, Tyrone (!), takes on a life of its own, all hell literally breaks loose.

Tormenting Jason and lusting after his mother through all of this is — you guessed it! Miles will be gracing the stage as Timmy, an emo teenage hick fuckboy with a heart of gold. Blood and clothing will be shed.

Previews begin 7/20. Opening is 7/27. Closing is 8/26.

Show times and ticket prices can be found here. TheaterWorks (233 Pearl St., Hartford, CT).