Mama's goy.

The leaves are turning and so is Miles — with his first Equity contract for a non-Jewish role. He's crossed over!

Back at George Street Playhouse in Rob Urbinati's new play Mama's Boy, Miles is taking on a family that no demographic wants to claim — the Oswalds. Spanning from 1959 to 1964, Mama's Boy looks at the family life of Lee Harvey Oswald, before and after his assassination of JFK. Miles is playing mama's other boy — Robert Oswald, Lee's older brother who is alarmingly normal. But don't worry he goes through a lot.

Direction is by David Saint, marking his 20th anniversary as Artistic Director of GSP. Lee is played by Michael Goldsmith (Tales From Red Vienna), his wife Marina is played by Laurel Casillo (Act One), and the demon matriarch Marguerite Oswald is played by Betsy Aidem (All The Way).

Previews begin 10/18. Opening is 10/21. Closing is 11/6.

Show times and ticket prices can be found here. George Street Playhouse (9 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick, NJ).