Holy cow!

Next week, Miles is back with UglyRhino Productions for his third TinyRhino! If you missed his last appearance in February, TinyRhino is a theatrical drinking game. Every month, six playwrights write brand new 10-minute plays, each including five dramatic elements. These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. And every time they do: you DRINK! This month's theme: Halloween.

Another third: Miles gets to work with the amazing Molly Beach Murphy again, on her timeless All Hallows Eve At the Amarillo Jehovah's Witness Weekly Grief Group In the Backroom of the Y Just Off the Feeder, directed by Nikki DiLoreto.

Miles will be in a cow costume. You're coming.

The show is Tuesday, October 27th, at 8pm. Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY).

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or at the door.