Sorry, Sam Smith.

Yes. It's true. Miles is great at a One Night Stand!

In case you missed the sold-out/standing-room-only performance at Dixon Place a few months ago (or couldn't get enough), When I Started Dating Men is back for a special fundraiser performance/party: When I Started Dating Men: One Night Stand.

This crew is headed for a full run at a theater near you, but they need your help! Come relish in misguided millennial mishap and bathe in the glory of Miles's gin-soaked club rat, Tyler. He is paired, as always, with Natalie Walker's Hell's Kitchen terror, Chelsea (#welcometonewyork).

Written by Ryan Trout and directed (again) by Srda Vasiljevic (Spring Awakening, Broadway), the party is next Saturday 10/24 at 8pm. 9 Lives (409 9th St., Brooklyn, NY). 

Tickets are $20, come with a free drink, and can be purchased here.