That boy is a monster.

Last night, Frankenstein's Light won the Directors Guild of America Best Student Film Award in the Asian-American category. Directed by Saad Nawab and shot nearly a year ago, this was Miles's second of three thesis films that he has shot with Florida State University's MFA in Film program.

A fairytale tribute to monster movie culture, Frankenstein's Light stars Miles and Brynn Elders as a movie monster who clumsily steps out of the screen into the life of a girl who understands what it's like to feel out of place.

Enjoy the clip below, where Miles and his character collide in their love of popcorn. Also, congratulations to Saad Nawab. Look out for this one.

Holy cow!

Next week, Miles is back with UglyRhino Productions for his third TinyRhino! If you missed his last appearance in February, TinyRhino is a theatrical drinking game. Every month, six playwrights write brand new 10-minute plays, each including five dramatic elements. These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. And every time they do: you DRINK! This month's theme: Halloween.

Another third: Miles gets to work with the amazing Molly Beach Murphy again, on her timeless All Hallows Eve At the Amarillo Jehovah's Witness Weekly Grief Group In the Backroom of the Y Just Off the Feeder, directed by Nikki DiLoreto.

Miles will be in a cow costume. You're coming.

The show is Tuesday, October 27th, at 8pm. Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY).

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or at the door.

Sorry, Sam Smith.

Yes. It's true. Miles is great at a One Night Stand!

In case you missed the sold-out/standing-room-only performance at Dixon Place a few months ago (or couldn't get enough), When I Started Dating Men is back for a special fundraiser performance/party: When I Started Dating Men: One Night Stand.

This crew is headed for a full run at a theater near you, but they need your help! Come relish in misguided millennial mishap and bathe in the glory of Miles's gin-soaked club rat, Tyler. He is paired, as always, with Natalie Walker's Hell's Kitchen terror, Chelsea (#welcometonewyork).

Written by Ryan Trout and directed (again) by Srda Vasiljevic (Spring Awakening, Broadway), the party is next Saturday 10/24 at 8pm. 9 Lives (409 9th St., Brooklyn, NY). 

Tickets are $20, come with a free drink, and can be purchased here.

(MGJ/GJ) x 4000 =

4000 Miles at Capital Rep!

This fall, Miles will be making his debut at Albany's Capital Repertory Theatre, starring as Leo in Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles (...G. Jackson, get it?). An Obie Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist, 4000 Miles is a dramatic comedy about the (proverbial) collision of 21-year-old Leo with his 91-year-old Jewish grandmother, Vera, at the end of a troubled cross-country bike trip. New Age meets old age, loaded with ugly clash and unexpected comfort along the way.

Miles has the esteemed pleasure of playing opposite Eileen Schuyler as Vera, along with the incredible Cara O'Brien and Caitlin Cisco, directed by Stephen Nachamie.

Previews begin 9/25. Opening night is 9/29. Miles's birthday is 10/1. And closing is 10/18.

Show times and ticket prices can be found here. Capital Repertory Theatre (111 North Pearl St., Albany, NY).

Miles is now a proud member of Actors' Equity Association.

Strung out on another man.

California, we're coming home!

It's been 6 months since the NYC debut of Kati Schwartz's "The Coward". But unlike the South (too soon?), we knew it would rise again. This time, in Los Angeles, directed by the amazing Eric Hoff (Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab, "Hit the Wall" at Barrow Street and Steppenwolf Theaters).

While this is an entirely new draft, Miles is back as Christopher — a little harder to hate but still hard to love (art imitates life?). Come watch him torture himself and others on 8/17 at 8pm. Play Collaborative Arts Venue (1018 S. Santa Fe Ave., LA, CA).

This is an industry reading, but is open to the public. And admission is free. As in feel free to make a donation (#artistlyfe).

Is it HOT! in here?

Or is it just the next incarnation of "When I Started Dating Men"?

Miles is back with a dream team of some of his favorite humans for the first fully staged production of Ryan Trout's "When I Started Dating Men", directed by Srda Vasiljevic. Miles is wasted with joy to once again take on the sloppy-chic role of Tyler in the debut, part of Dixon Place's 24th annual HOT! Festival.

Come watch this millennial Bushwick birthday go so wrong it's right on Thursday 8/6 at 7:30pm. Dixon Place (161A Chrystie St., NY, NY).

Tickets are $12 (general) and $10 (students/seniors) and can be purchased here. Otherwise, $15 at the door.

Gaga be with you.

Capitalism is a drag.

Hang on to your wig caps, folks — Miles is making his drag debut.

Next week, on the Mainstage at Dixon Place, Miles stars as the title character in the workshop debut of "Karla Mark's Proletariat Jamboree" — a new musical about economics from the distinct mind of Danny Baird (work previously showcased at The Duplex, New World Stages, 54 Below). Direction is by the wonderful Bailey Jordan Koch (Playwrights Horizons).

In a nutshell, Walmart Executive Earl Hapsburg locked unionizing employees into the Fort Lee Walmart, buying time to perform in a drag revue. Said Walmart exploded and Earl was lynched by a mob of vengeful minimum wagers. In this, a one night only chance at salvation, he returns from purgatory to a rebuilt Walmart, performing “Karla Mark’s Proletariate Jamboree.” Joined by fellow drag demons, Ayn Randy & Stalina, Karla seeks to solve the problem of income inequality by bringing a fresh, glittery perspective to the economics game before her Probation officer, opera dominatrix Rollback Fleming, sends her straight to hell. Clear? Great.

Showtime is Wednesday 6/17 at 7:30pm at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie St., NY, NY).

Tickets can be purchased here, or at the door for more money. #Capitalism

Gayja vu.

This past winter, Miles was in a reading of Ryan Trout's new play, "When I Started Dating Men". This week, he is in rehearsals again for a workshop presentation of the latest draft — another step toward its eventual, debaucherous debut.

While some of the cast has changed, Miles will be rising again as the infamous Tyler, still partnered with Natalie Walker as Chelsea. The belles of the ball(s) or millennial waste — it's all about perspective.

Srda Vasiljevic (Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab, Associate of Terrence McNally and Tom Kirdahy) is now on board as director.

Showtime is Friday 5/22 at 3pm, industry only. But stay tuned. The buck (wild) doesn't stop here.


This weekend (and throughout the summer), Miles returns to his performance art roots. Sans college angst and stage blood.

Erika Verzutti, a Brazilian sculptor whose work has been featured at the Tang Museum, the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, and the Carnegie Museum of Art, has a new exhibition at the Sculpture Center in Queens. The centerpiece is Swan with Stage, a 12-foot sculpture that serves as monument, character, and stage in a rogue one-man/one-swan performance piece that Miles has been developing with Verzutti.

Performances are 8pm Friday 5/15 and 4pm Saturday 5/16 at the Sculpture Center (44-19 Purves St., Queens, NY). They will also pop up throughout the summer. So look out.

It's gonna be weird.

Two birds, one stoner.

A special announcement for those of you celebrating 4/20 today: fundraising has begun for Miles's first SAG-AFTRA feature film, "By the Dashboard Light". In Miles's first non-union feature, he played an endearing stoner boyfriend. Now, he is delving deep into his soul to play an endearing stoner BEST friend.

Written by Sienna Golden Malik, directed by Joe Ronca, and produced by Keasbey Mattison Filmworks, "By the Dashboard Light" is a wonderful, witty comedy about a driving instructor having trouble getting his life in drive (Get it? Wit.). While only appearing briefly in the following trailer, Miles has some killer scenes throughout the film as Phil, the instructor's stoner best friend who works at the DMV. Phil enjoys taking purposefully awful driver's license photos. He is also very wise and potentially sexy.

Please check out the genuinely amazing trailer below or the fundraising page here and consider donating to support this crazy talented team. Or hit up your wealthier friends and relatives who might be more likely to.

Miles is proudly now SAG-AFTRA Eligible. As for his personal life -- he didn't inhale.

Baked on Baker Street.

This past August, Miles starred in his first independent feature film as Sherlock in "Sammy & Sherlock Can't Get Any". Shot in Norfolk, VA, and co-starring Amanda Jones (Sammy), the film is a mumblecore comedy about an endearing stoner couple who wake up to a city-wide shortage of their favorite plant. An odyssey for an ounce follows, along with some joint discoveries between the adultolescents about the bluntness of adulthood.

While still in post-production, Miles is very excited to share some clips from the rough cut. Written and directed by Lawrence Zoeller (Pleasantly Depressing Films), please enjoy the following clips and stay tuned for more news.

Down went Alice after it.

About a year ago, Miles shot what remains to be the craziest project of his career thus far. He was approached by brilliant director Caryn Waechter (aka bunnyz) to shoot a fictional narrative in a real, live, bacchanal of a party. After being home to New York's legendary (infamous?) Black Party for over two decades, the Roseland Ball closed last year.

So they went out with a bang.

One night. 12+ hours. Never has keeping your clothes on been more awkward.

Please follow Miles down the rabbit hole in "RITES", produced by Stephen Pevner.

When I come back you'll KNOW, KNOW, KNOW.

Miles will be back at Ugly Rhino Productions next week for another TinyRhino! If you missed his last appearance in December, TinyRhino is a theatrical drinking game. Every month, six playwrights write brand new 10-minute plays, each including five dramatic elements. These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. And every time they do: you DRINK! This month's theme: Unwritten Sequels.

Miles has the honor of playing everyone's favorite public television aardvark, Arthur, in "Angels in Aardmerica: DW Approaches". Written by Kati Schwartz and directed by Alex Keegan — the same dream team that brought you "The Coward" last month.

The show is Tuesday, February 24th, at 8pm. Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY).

Tickets are $10 (which includes a free beer) and can be purchased here or at the door.

Let's get weird.

MJ's new thriller.

Miles's job in high school was manning the register and grill at the local Wendy's. His job in college was waiting tables at a Jersey diner. Simply put, Miles has been prepping his entire life for the performance you are about to see.

In his first horror comedy, Miles plays Charlie, a happy-go-lucky fry cook who crosses paths with an escaped prison convict and an uppity business woman at his remote diner. Hilarity and other things ensue.

Enjoy "Fresh Meat", directed by Matt Nussbaum.

(Miles sends apologies to his vegetarian father and friends)

A lion in my own way.

Miles will be kicking off 2015 with a premiere production of "The Coward" by roommate/collaborator Kati Schwartz. The play is now very different from its reading incarnations at Williamstown Theatre Festival and Shetler Studios — especially that Miles is now playing a man. Cassandra has become Christopher. The result: everything is more complicated in the very best of ways. Now, at Ontario Summer Stock Theatre, Christopher's resentment for castmate Jill comes from a much more personal, Biblical place. If you want to know what that means, come to the show.

Miles will be playing opposite the amazing Jessie Mahon as Jill. The show also features Ben Mulgrew, Maddie Sykes, Lilliana Tandon, and introducing: Hannah Watzke. Direction is by Alex Keegan. All involved are WTF '14.

Performances are Saturday 1/10 and Sunday 1/11. 3pm and 8pm (both days). Standard Toykraft (722 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY).

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door or by emailing

Boiz II men.

This weekend, Miles will be featured in the reading of former NYU/Adler classmate Ryan Trout's new play, "When I Started Dating Men". Presented by Battalion Theatre Company, the play revolves around a 24th birthday party gone so wrong, but so right. Miles plays Tyler, a lovable mess, alongside former classmate/partner-in-crime Natalie Walker as Chelsea. Together: those best friends that you love to hate.

Performances are Friday 12/19 and Saturday 12/20. 7pm at Under St. Marks Theater (94 St. Marks Place, NY, NY).

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the box office or here.

I'll drink to that.

Miles is happy to announce his first collaboration with Ugly Rhino Productions, whose Co-Artistic Director, Danny Sharron, Miles knows from Williamstown Theatre Festival.

He will be playing Clark in Dominic Finocchiaro's hilarious and bizarre "Sayonara Adios" under the direction of Molly Beach Murphy as part of TinyRhino — Ugly Rhino's monthly theatrical drinking game! Every month, six playwrights write brand new 10-minute plays, each including five dramatic elements. These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. And every time they do: you DRINK! This month's theme: Office Holiday Party.

The show is Tuesday, December 16th, at 8pm. Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY).

Tickets are $10 (which includes a free beer) and can be purchased here.

This is Miles's second time working with Molly; she is a hilarious genius. So see you there.

Or, cougar.

Tonight, Miles will be reading stage directions for a reading of Erin Buckley's new play, "Older Lady". This amazing play is about four gay women in the art world, and asks questions about being an artist, egotism, and sacrifice in relationships. The reading features Nancy Lemenager, Nance Williamson, Brooke Bloom, and Zoe Winters. Direction by Katie Lindsay, who Miles met at Williamstown Theatre Festival this summer — a recurring theme. The Habitat, Katie's theatre production company that she started with Caroline Gart, is presenting the piece.

The reading starts at 7pm at Ma-Yi Studio (New York, NY), but unfortunately is filled to capacity. Just know that all of these women are incredible talents, and Miles is happy and lucky to be in a room with them.